The Beginning

For over twenty years, Oval Advertising has become one of many successful local billboard companies in Jakarta and surroundings.

Starting from a small workshop which is specialized in making signboard and neonboard, we keep on expanding our high quality services and business.


and we keep on growing...

Through integrated operations and always strive to make remarkable innovation, Advertising ready to compete with global era. Our changes in management structure and market strategy, enable us to cope with the consequential entrance of competitors for both domestic and international business region.

"Now we're operating more than 100 billboard sites widely spread in Jakarta from suburban to prime area."

  • Vision

    Become a professional and well-known billboard company in Indonesia.

  • Mission

    Always give the best solution to our client through effective media selection and services.

  • Goal

    Improve advantages for our clients,stakeholders as well as our employees and get involved in certain social aspect and also embrace clients as a part of our growing company.

"We remain committed to bring Oval Advertising as a sustainable and productive company by embracing high quality human resources and keep focusing on our vision."

Our Values

  • Competitive

    Able to compete both nationally and internationally in positive ways.

  • Innovative

    Dare to try new things and accept ideas in order to be distinctive.

  • Comfort

    Bring comfort for all clients and individuals in Oval Advertising.

  • Confident

    Believe that we can adapt with the rapid changes in technology and many aspects.